Photos: “For You” Album Scans

I’ve added to the gallery scans of Selena’s new album titled “For You“. It includes two pictures that hopefully we can all see soon in high quality because Selena looks absolutely stunning in them. We’ve added the photos in LQ/MQ to our gallery. Check it out!

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News: Selena & Taylor together at AMA’s

Selena and Taylor will be sitting next to each other at the AMA‘s which are tomorrow night, November 23rd. Plus, don’t forget Selena will be performing her brand new single for the first time live “The Heart Wants What It Wants“. Make sure to tune in Sunday to watch Selena perform and other artists!


Back & New Theme

Hello and welcome back to SelenaMGomez.BZ! We are so excited to be back with a new theme. We have a new theme as you can tell at our main site, and our photo gallery as well. News and photos will be posted above this post, but we just wanted to make a quick post to welcome everyone back to your daily dose of Selena Gomez fansite. We hope to have you visit again, and please affiliate with us, we are looking for tons of new affiliates! Thank you.