News: Zedd On Personal Life & Selena

Zedd had an interview with SPIN magazine. In the interview, Zedd talked about his personal life and even shared a bit of his thoughts on his relationship that he had with Selena. Read below what he had to say about their relationship together and how the media affected it.

SPIN Magazine: You’ve obviously been in the spotlight a ton in the past six months because of a pretty highly publicized relationship [with Selena Gomez], but you seem like the type of musician who prefers to avoid the limelight. How’s adjusting to that world been for you?

“Like, Selena [Gomez], for example, was not on my map at all before I met her. Then I was like, “Why don’t we try and make some music together and see if it fits?” And then “I Want You to Know” was the best fit and I liked it and I didn’t want to have anyone else try it.”

Zedd: It’s something I’ve really had to learn in the last year because it was never a big deal and then suddenly I was in the press. There was a lot of other press about us that I would get to know from my dad. He’s just like, “I just read this, Anton,” and you’re like… what? And it’s word-of-mouth, so if they say something, it gets picked up somewhere else and then suddenly you stand there and say, “Okay, either I’m going to say something about it or I live with and I just tell people I’m not going to talk about my personal life.”

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