After Selena Gomez’s tearful performance of ‘The Hearts What It Wants’ at the AMAs, Taylor Swift was spotted in tears with her mascara running. And then, Selena posted a photo of her bestie kissing her after the show. Now, can reveal what’s really behind their public displays of affection!

Did Selena Gomez, 22, tell Taylor Swift, 24, about her emotional performance before taking the stage at the American Music Awards? A source close to the BFF’s tells EXCLUSIVELY how Taylor supported Selena’s decision to pour her heart out on stage.

Taylor Swift Supports Selena Gomez’s Emotional AMAs Performance

What are best friends for if they can’t share your tears?

On Sunday, Nov. 23, when Selena took the stage to perform her heartbreaking single, “The Hear Wants What It Wants,” it was her BFF Taylor who wept in the audience. But, did Taylor know that Selena was going to bare her soul when she took the stage?

“Selena told Taylor all about her performance and vice versa, and Taylor knew it was going to be emotional,” a source revealed.

In fact, it was Taylor’s support that really got Selena through the whole thing.

After the show, Selena posted an Instagram photo with Taylor kissing her cheek. Behind them, their friends — including Lorde and Karlie Kloss — were all smiles.

“Not a better way to end my night. Surrounded by SO much love.” Selena captioned the photo, in which she looks truly at peace with herself.

Honestly, we’re just happy to see Selena smiling again!

Source: HollyWood Life